Fleeting Infinity


“Fleeting Infinity” is an audiovisual project that has been showcased on the new ÆX013 Various Artists release.

An exploratory journey in a forever changing universe, where bright light might appear in the black nothingness. Questions arise; is the light infinite? Or is it fleeting? To become part of the finite world, where life is born and dies again. The cycle that we know, being a fundamental part of life itself, and maybe it's very origin.

The visuals are generated realtime and are responding to the rhythms of the tracks, so it will be forever changing.

You can check out the full tracks with the visuals over here:
Private Press - Beardman Driven
Emeline - Deep Sea
Human Space Machine - Xplorations 002
Ivano Tetelepta & Jasper Wolff - Classic Power Burrito
Kaap - Relic
Ignez - Arcane
DVL - Hotel Vibes

Visual: thevoyageofdesign

Music released by: Indigo Æra

The Voyage Of Design