On the edge of what has to be the future of design. Where reality meets the digital world. The Voyage Of Design is an one man studio founded by Stan Herben and located in Amsterdam.

Nowadays, everything is expected to be immersive, fast, original and aesthetic. And that totally makes sense, because we live in a world where there is so much information and screens popping up everywhere, you have to be unique, to stand out from the rest. You want to have a unified experience, something that's just whole.

Right now, The Voyage Of Design is focussing on exactly that, crafting a unique experience with visual, sound & motion, all in one. To let the idea rise, in a place that was not there before.

You can contact The Voyage Of Design for the following services: Visual design, UX design, motion graphics, audiovisual pieces, sound design, art direction and identity.

If you feel that you’re ready to take on a voyage, please, it would be a thrill to be in contact with you.

The Voyage Of Design